New fashion promo “International Showgirl”

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Nick has directed and shot and edited this promo film for swimwear designer Project 104. Thanks to Sarah Reader for design and Nathan Small for photography.

Nick directs Trevor, the cockney who makes Christmas happen

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“Trevor” – a new film shot, directed and edited by Nick. In the summer time, Trevor puts up marquees, but in the autumn he is up a cherry picker all across the West End, installing the Christmas lights above the streets. After dark, when the road can be closed, he works late to bring Christmas cheer to ordinary Londoners. A salt of the earth man who enjoys the banter and camaraderie on the sites where he works, but also a family man grafting in order to provide a good education for his two daughters. “People don’t realise how much work goes into Christmas!” Produced by Chocolate Films for 1000 Londoners.

Andy McNab film released.

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Nick’s film about former SAS author Andy McNab has been released as part of the 1000 Londoners project from Chocolate Films. It’s already doing pretty well in the views stakes, but watch it here for yourself. Don’t forget to visit

Nick shoots a short documentary with Andy McNab

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Nick’s Instagram feed

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A selection of Nick’s latest Instagram offerings…


1000 Londoners is launched!

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Last night was the launch at BAFTA of the 1000 Londoners project, a massive new documentary portrait of London. Nick was there to talk about the experience of making 2 of the first 10 films to be released – or 0.2% of the 1000! At Chocolate Films, it’s Nick’s job to help develop and programme the short documentaries – as well as shoot, direct and edit some of them himself. Look out for more 1000 Londoners films here in the near future! Here he is with the Chocolate Films team and with Frank – one of the Londoners – during the Q&A. See Nick’s PORTFOLIO to watch the films!


CF team q and a 2             q and a 1

Nick developing a creative new project with DAD DANCING

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Nick is currently developing a brief for a film with the producers of a new contemporary dance group. DAD DANCING is an upcoming piece that will be at Battersea Arts Centre. Dad Dancing is a contemporary dance work reflecting on growing up into a daughter and growing up into a dad. The project is created by Rosie Heafford, Alexandrina Hemsley and Helena Webb and performed alongside and in collaboration with their dads Adrian, David and Andy.

BACFind out more here:


Nick is now using Instagram. Hold tight!

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See the original Twitter goodness at @nick27xcinema, Instagram handle = oldmanhandsfilms



Morning After trailer – exclusive

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Shot by the fantastic Paul Wiseman, here is a sneak peek of the new short film written and directed by Nick Shaw. Morning After is a 10-minute drama that begins at the end. Darren and Cara are two hungover 17 year-olds waiting for a pharmacist to open to buy a morning after pill. They met the night before, and now the light of day is very cold indeed.

The film intends to portray adolescence at the crucial moment where the choices of a child have the consequences of an adult. We should sympathise with Cara’s situation and confusion but also reproach her lack of judgement and want to “bring her home”. Darren is the boy you fear your daughter will bring home. A natural clown, we are entertained by his spontaneity, but fear it too for its consequences on Cara. Darren is a loose cannon whose outer displays of strength prompt Cara in her naivety to see him as a genuine father figure. Morning After is a story about youth’s invincibility and short-sightedness.

Darren gallantly drives the two of them to a pharmacy and skims stones while Cara takes the pill. The two kids then go on a jaunt around some semi-industrial scrub land where Darren runs over a rabbit in his car and is forced to put it out of its misery. They then have an encounter with an aggressive stranger, trespass into a garden and Cara reveals a secret to us that has long-lasting repercussions..


Stills from upcoming music video “Cut Out and Keep”

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Nick directed and shot:

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